Tao ; System of One

In the beginning, there was Tao . For the Chinese, Tao was everything and nothing, the origin of the Universe as a whole.  It was timeless and spaceless, without any form of substance.

"Everything was created out of nothing"

This philosophy, although proposed thousand of years ago, parallels the current hypothesis regarding the creation of the Universe dubbed by Western scientists as "Big Bang".

"Nothing will be created out of everything".

This philosophy. also proposed thousand of years ago, parallels current theories concerning Black Holes in space which are able to swallov entire galaxies into nothingness.

Tao is; that is to say, Tao exists in and of itself. Tao means "the way", and yet is it`s own beginning and end.

A symbol which is universally recognized as being representative of origin is the point, "the point of origin", bearing within itself the seeds of the entire Cosmos.

Possessing the ability to look both inwards and outwards, man discovered the seeds of wonder and the existence of Tao within himself; looking outwards, he perceived the manifestation of Tao throughout the entire Universe which surrounded him, making him realize that his affairs where affected by cosmic and planetary influences at all levels of being, that he was the microcosmos, a reduced blueprint of the macrocosmos of the Universe, and he was content that he and Tao were one.

"As is above, as it below".

The potential well being of man depended on his inheret qualities and individual reactions both physically and mentally to varying quantities of different meteorological and cosmic influences which led him to the conclusion that the body possesses it`s own specific daily, monthly, and annual cycles.

Tao was a "way" of living which gave the man an understanding of the secrets  of the Universe, allowing them to live in harmony with Nature.  It gave man the knowledge necessary to maintain a balance on the "way" to acheiving Love, Health, and Abundance.

The concept of Tao being "everything and nothing" and the "beginning and end"
was to great for man to comprehend, which made it necessary to divide the whole into smaller concepts, bringing it closer to man`s level of awareness.

Tao (Yin/Yang)  manifested itself as two, giving rise to Yin/- and Yang/+, or Light and Dark, a perfect harmony between two polar opposites within the One, illustrated as the ebb/Yin and flow/Yang in the tide/Tao, which cannot be seperated exept for purposes of the examination and education, as they merely parts of the whole.

The parts are relative; the only absolute is Tao, which blinds man in it`s brilliance.


CHI (Yin/- and Yang/+): System of Two.

The Chines philosophy of life teaches that there is a harmony in nature between Yin/- and Yang/+, the two polar opposites of life.

They are the subdivisions of Chi (energy).  In reality, these forces do not exist in their pure form.  There is always some Yin in Yang and some Yang in Yin, just as there is always some light in darkness.

The ancient philosophers of the East believed that illness in the body occurred as a result of an imbalance of the forces Yin and Yang, or out of Tao.
The designations given to Yin and Yang are assigned on a relative basis.  One exists within the other; they are not arbitrary divisions between two principles, one of which is active and the other passive.
In reality, there is a constant interplay between these energies, the predominance of   one or the other depending upon the circumstances. The two exist in and of themselves, but consider individually,they are incomplete, for one complements the other, just as the flow / Yang complements the ebb / Yin in the tide / Tao.

Yin/- and Yang/+ exist on a relative basis, and change when compared to anything else on a relative basis. Using geograghy as an example, North is Yin and South is Yang.

Yang is concidered to be stimulating compared to Yin which is considered to be sedating, as can be seen in the example of colours, which are actually different portions of the visible light spectrum measured in nanometers, classified according to their particular wavelenght.

Red is the most stimulating colour, with a vibratory grade measuring at 600-670 nanometers, and therefore the most Yang within the spectrum of visible light. Violett, on the other end of the spectrum, is the most sedating colour, with a vibratory grade measuring at 430-460 nanometers.


Extreme Yang/+++/Red/ 600-670 nm

Yang Yang/++/Orange/ 590-600 nm

Yang Yin/+-/Yellow/ 580-590 nm

Neutral/0/Green/ 500-550 nm

Yin Yang/-+/Blue/ 470-500 nm

Yin Yin/--/Indigo/ 460-470 nm

Extreme Yin/---/Violet/ 430-460 nm

Heaven/Man/Earth: System of Three

The two came together in a dance of Yin/- and Yang+  (Synthesis / 0), and the two became three, the very act creation of matter itself, of Heaven/+, Man/0, and the Spirit/+, Body/0, and  Mind/-.

Everything is energy. matter is consentrated energy, and energy is sublimated matter.  Objects which can be seen are made from things which can not be seen.

Take for example a tooth, the hardest substance found in the human body. Is it realy energi?

The proof is evident when x-rays are taken at a dentist`s office, and the electrons of the x-ray beam travel between the molecules of the teeth, just as a rocket travels between the stars and planets in space.

Teeth are just another example of a micro-cosmos of the macro-cosmos.


Four States of Matter: System of Four.

As classified in modern physics, matter exists in four states which occur primarily as a result of temperature, or level of kinetic activity. Three forms of energy which are seen on a daily basis are  ice   (solid),  water  (liquid),  and  steam  (gas).

The density of matter is directly proportional to the level of kinetic activity of it`s molecules. For instance, ice is concentrated or more dense than water or steam, as the molecules have a low level of kinetic activity.  Steam is sublimated or less dense than water,  as the molecules are at a high level of kinteic activity.  Plasma, the fouth state of matter is the least dense of all, and has the highest level of kinetic activity.

Each of the states of matter may be classified as being either Yin/- or Yang/+,  again, on a relative basis.  For example, Ice may be classified as being Yin when compared to water, which would be Yang in this case, but compared to steam, water would be the more Yin of the two

The Five Transformation:  System of Five

According to ancient Chinese philosophers, everything in the Universe including the human body and the processes which took place inside it, could be subdivided into the Five Elements, as well as into Yin/- and Yang/+.  The five elements, herafter referred to as the Five Transformation,   are  Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water.

The functions of each transformation is to controll or be controlled by ever-changing conditions.

The Chines philosophers spoke of the importance of living in harmony according to Tao, the golden way between deficiency (YIN) and exess (YANG).

Deficiencies or exesses in any of the elements are the cause of bodily dysfunction in their associated organs, glands, and tissues, emotions, and mind.  This is based on the wisdom that to much or to little of anything is harmful.

The Eastern healers used this law when taking a case history, and when examining their clients by observation, palpation, smelling, and asking questions.

The cycles which occur in nature and man are parellelled in the flow of season of the Five Transformation.

Wood,,, Spring,,,,,,,,,,,


Fire Summer Blooming,Expanding
Earth Late Summer Fruit bearing, Ripening
Metal Autum Harvest, Letting go
Water Winther Storage, Preservation, Death.

Tao, Yin/- and Yang/+, and the Five Transformations are the beginning and end of everything, the origin of birth and death.

He who fails to live in harmony with the laws of the Universe draws disease upon himself.

The acupuncture student must first understand, comprehend, and then masterly apply the System of Five before he can understand the System of Four.  He must comprehend the System of Four before he can approach the System of Three.  The System of Three must be fully incorporated before the System of Two can be applied, and the  System of Two must be mastered before he can comprehend the System of One, or  TAO.
Only then can he be considered a true master, healer, and teacher, and when he is one with Tao, he will heal by laying his hands on the sick.

















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